Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement:
The mission of the Appalachian Center for Agroforestry is to promote the development of integral land management practices that nurture the inhabitants and various bioregions of the Appalachian Mountains. We believe that agroforestry, forest gardening, and other forms of sustainable farming will be central to constructing resilient local communities that heal and protect our mountains, and create a healthy 21st century Appalachian culture.

White Oak (Quercus alba) leaf embedded in an Appalachian frost

It is our belief that if in a 1000 years from now these mountains will be inhabited by a culture as wise as the ancient folks who lived here a 1000 years ago, we must begin by creating relationships with the more-than-human world that are as sacred and complex as the forests of Appalachia.

Our Organizational Goals:
*Establish and maintain experimental agroforestry research sites and test plots
*Promote practical skills development through hands on educational programs
*Organize important existing knowledge and new research
*Offer support and consultation of newly developed agroforestry land projects
*Organize forums and events to build the network of forest gardeners in the bioregion
*Work on various scales, including homesteads, family and small farms, local cottage industries, schools and universities, etc…

Alternative Land Management Systems (ALMS) We Promote:
Agroforestry and Silvopasture
Forest Gardening and Permaculture
Integrative Nutrition and Herb Farming
Ethical Wild-Crafting and Foraging
Bio-dynamics and Bio-intensive Gardening
Other Forms of Agroecology and Sustainable Horticulture

ACA nursery beds in Madison County full of young Serviceberry (Amelanchier spp.) and Chokeberry (Aronia spp.). Heirloom variety Apples (Malus spp.) healed-in in foreground. Old Chestnut wood barn in the background of photo.

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