Affordable Plant Program

For citizens of western North Carolina  and the surrounding areas & regional educational institutions we are offering a variety of edible, medicinal & useful plants at low costs well below retail. We currently offer bare-root saplings of many fruit and nut trees and berry shrubs, seeds for medicinal herbs and pollinator plants, and cuttings of many plants when in season. We can also help you source affordable plant material for in-season nursery orders.

Our Fall 2013 list includes:

Nut Trees:

Castanea mollissima
Chinese Chestnut
To 50’ To Zone 5. Classic orchard chestnut with large meaty nuts. Staple food in many places. Highly resistant to blight. Bears in 3-5 years. Cross-pollination recommended.
$7 for bare-root trees and $13 for potted trees.
These are seedlings from orchards where all the parents are excellent grafted cultivars and have outstanding genetics!

Corylus americana
American Hazelnut
To 10’. To Zone 4. Native hazelnut bears in 3-4 years. Plant 2 or more for good pollination. Fruit not as big as European hazels, but blight not as problematic either.

Fruit Trees

Amelanchier canadensis
Shadblow Serviceberry
To 25’. To Zone 2. Delicious and crops heavily. Can use in hedges/ornamental value. Also great for wildlife browse. Fruits in a few years. Plant two to ensure pollination.
$8 for 18-24”

Asimina triloba
To 25’. To Zone 4. Largest native fruit in North America. Cross-pollination recommended. Can grow wild or use as rootstock for cultivars. Taste great…way down yonder in the pawpaw patch!
$5 for 1 year old; $10 for 2 year old

Cornus mas
Cornelian Cherry (Dogwood)
To 20’. To Zone 4. Edible ¾” fruit very tasty. Can yield 33-75lbs of fruit on mature tree. Good as windbreak, hedge, or small tree.

Diospyros virginiana
American Persimmon
To 50’. To Zone 4. Delicious native fruit. Generally needs a pollinator. Tolerant of variety of soil types. Can use as rootstock for Asian persimmons. Also good hog fodder.

Berry/Fruit Shrubs

Aronia melanocarpa
Black Chokeberry
To 6′. To Zone 3. Native hardy shrub tolerates a variety of soil and moisture conditions. Berry high in vitamen C and anti-oxidants. Ornamental flowers and autumn color.
$7 for 3 year old plants

Chaenomeles speciosa ‘Jet Trail’
‘Jet Trail’ Flowering Quince
T0 4’. To Zone 5. Nearly thornless, low spreading shrub bears lemon-scented fruit good in jellies, syrups and drinks. Good for edges/along perennial beds.

Sambucus Canadensis
To 15’. To Zone 3. Heavy clusters of beautiful medicinal flowers and fruits. Good for pies, jellies, wine, syrup. Variety of medicinal uses/immune enhancing. Good for attracting birds.


Ginkgo biloba
Maidenhair Tree
To 50′. To Zone 4. Ancient medicinal tree with edible nuts. Leaves promote mental clarity. Need male and female to produce fruit.

Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Inermis’
Thornless Honey Locust
To 100′. To Zone 4. Fast growing & tolerant of variety of soils and climate types. Rich in protein and sugar the abundant pods are used as winter fodder crop.

Maclura pomifera
Osage Orange
To 50’. Hard, durable, rot-resistant wood. Used for windbreaks, hedges and living fences.

Tilia platyphyllos
Big Leaf Linden (European Basswood)
To 130′. To Zone 3. Big edible leaves. Can coppice/pollard to control height. Medicinal flowers.
$7 for 3 year old plants

What to Know About our Nursery:
Our nursery is a bulk buying cooperative aimed at offering edible, permaculture and wildlife plants to residents of western North Carolina for near-wholesale prices. Because plant stock is bareroot the plants must be ordered in time for the autumn and spring transplanting seasons (October/November & March/April). This means we do not sell plants in pots in the summer. Plants will be delivered weekly during the autumn & spring to Asheville or Marshall, NC where they can be picked up. There is a flat rate delivery fee of $5.00 for all orders. Availability of plants listed is due to change, especially if ordered late in the season. Any cancelled orders, or order changes due to unavailability of specific plants, will be fully refundable.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.

Thanks & Happy Planting!